Day: April 22, 2008

~Happy Earth Day~

Good morning!! Happy Earth Day everyone..let’s be sure to give Mother Earth some extra love today! Perhaps plant a tree? I am adding some photos I have taken of some cute critters. I am always snapping pics of animals and I thought today would be a good day to share some with you. We must take care of our earth ..not only for us, but all living creatures. 🙂 The horse is a wild horse that I ran across in the middle of nowhere. It was a hot summer day and she/he was trying to cool down. This snake was hanging out in my front yard and I was happy to see it was not a Rattler..or I would not have been that close to it. The big rabbit was chilling on the golf course …and the little one was in my yard digging a hole. My favorite was the Dove sitting on her eggs in my tree. Oh she was so cute! I would walk out everyday to make sure she was ok. The babies were adorable. Any ways…enough animal chat. Let’s talk about some sexxxxy photos that i just added this morning. I will post one tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow..I have a live cam show for my members!! It will be a great time, hope to see you there! I have a busy work day today..I hopefully can make it to the gym if I find time. I need to work out hard after all that horrible (good) eating I did this past weekend. Yikes! Have a great day and enjoy!!