~~~Another fun day of shooting~~~

Good morning..a big HAPPY FRIDAY TO YOU ALL! Don’t you love them? I do..especially when we are shooting a new sexy Aziani model. Stop by her “behind the scenes” shoot today. She is one smoking hot babe…you don’t want to miss! I will stop by chat and say hello between breaks. K? Buzz worked my ass off last shoot. LOL! A beautiful day today..maybe we can get the model in the pool, the water is warming up nicely! Water shoots are always super sexy!! I am adding a few photos from my last adventure on my RzR. Jake and Allie met us in the Arizona mountains and we had soooo much fun! Naughty Allie…you know the sexy cute blonde that is very naughty ..right? Funny cause in person, she is somewhat shy. I will add the entire set soon. I am a bit backed up on my scrapbook section..I promise to catch up on that soon. Have an awesome weekend..enjoy your Friday and be sure to stop by today!!


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