“Eat like a bird & drink like a fish”

Good afternoon!! Happy Friday everyone!! So yesterday was a fun day and night too! The shoot went great! After the shoot we went out with some friends. Chica was showing me her new boobies and told me how soft they were..well, I just had to see for myself. And yep..they are soft. LOL! 😉 I am a little slow moving today..I really didn’t drink THAT MUCH..but I didn’t eat. OOPS..a small thing. Haha! I just was not hungry and those Red Bull/Vodka’s kicked my ass. Oh well…it’s ok as long as I had fun! Which I did! I am heading out to the pool today, going to take it easy for obvious reasons. I know a nice hot spicy bloody mary would really make my day better, just not sure I can do that. Hmm…it does sound kind of good. LOL I will have my pool cam on…so stop by to see my naked bod laying in the sun.

Enjoy your weekend!!! Be safe and HAVE FUN!

chica-aziani-1.jpg chica-aziani-2.jpg

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