Happy Fathers Day!!!!!!

Good morning and a BIG HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO YOU ALL~ I hope you will enjoy YOUR day with family and friends!! And of course get some cool gifts too! hehe! I don’t get to see my dad today..he is in San Diego at a golf tournament. I know he is having fun. He is a golf nut! I will miss him today, but plan to see him when he gets back..probably treat him to dinner. I will be spending my day with Buzz, I did already give him his gift from the doggies of course. I bought him some Oakley riding goggles..pretty cool! However I did buy him some grilling goodies to give him today. He loves to grill out..me too!

I really hope all you dads have a super fun day..but hey, if you are not a dad…you should still enjoy your Sunday! We all should enjoy EVERY SINGLE day! 🙂 Have a fantastic day everyone!!!!

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