Back to work….

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!!! Sorry I have not posted to my blog the last few days. I have been having lots of fun with my friends visiting. I have not been on my computer much, however…back to work today. It was great while it lasted…felt like I was on a mini vacation. 🙂
I am posting a pic of Dakota, Amber and myself…we were hanging out the other night by the pool…eating and drinking..chatting like girls do. My friend from Australia left a few days ago, he went to Vegas and on to Florida, Amber left yesterday and Dakota leaves today. Nothing like fun with friends.
I have had WAY too many Red Bull/vodkas…so back to the gym and detox for awhile. LOL
I hope you are enjoying August so far…wow, time goes so fast.
Ok..I am off, I need to cook some food for my doggies…and probably myself too. ha!
Be sure to check out my update section photos coming~

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