Good morning..happy HUMP DAY everyone!
I woke up at 5:30 this morning and I have already busted my ass and accomplished a lot in just the two hours I have been up. It is so quiet peaceful working early. I did enjoy sipping my coffee outside on my patio as my dogs ran the backyard. The weather is nice and cool that time of the morning..ahhhh~ I love listening to the birds chirp and sing to me. A nice way to start the day! Especially a day like today..I have a very long “to do” list that I must chop away at. I don’t plan on leaving my house at all. Bust butt Rachel!

I had a nice day yesterday..met with Nikki Nova for dinner, we enjoyed Mexican food and a margarita. Yummy!
It’s funny…all my girlfriends love Mexican food as much as I do..didn’t think that was possible. All that salsa, chips, cheese and salt. OH so bad..but soooo good. I did work out yesterday so I do not feel as guilty. Ha!

I will be here working on my computer all day so if you want to say hello..that would be great.

Have a great day..enjoy!

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