Day: August 15, 2008

Happy Happy Friday everyone!!!

Good morning!! I was up early again today..not because of the birds this time. I had to take one of my dogs to the vet for a teeth cleaning. He has finally been given a clean bill of health after several blood tests, ultrasounds and even a biopsy. They thought something was wrong with his liver, but he is healthy after all. YEAH! Now they can safely put him under anesthesia. He should be a very happy boy with pretty shiny teeth!
He is the one on the left …isn’t he adorable? Josie is on the right..she is my baby girl. My only female dog and she rules the three boys. It is kind of funny. Yeah..girl power. LOL! I am not sure of their breed because I adopted them both from the pound. They kind of look alike, huh? I am guessing they both have some Chow in them. Such cutie pies!
We had another storm hit last night and WOW the weather cooled in the 80’s. It was GREAT! I sat outside on the patio and watched the rain, I love doing that. It is so peaceful.
Any day is good so far. I will be busy working all day. Tonight I invited some friends over for a cookout. Should be fun! Enjoy your Friday..have an awesome weekend!