Having a good weekend so far????

Good morning..Happy Sunday everyone! Are you enjoying your weekend? I hope so!
My Saturday was uneventful…but nice. I think I relaxed until 3:00 in my robe. ha! I got up ..took a super hot bubble bath and went to Target & to the grocery store. I must have been hungry because I bought a ton of food. Not exactly the healthy kind either. I made homemade pizza last night, I added jalapeños ..and WOW, my mouth was on fire. It was super yummy though…especially with a nice glass of wine. Tonight I am making enchiladas ..yet another healthy meal. lol! A few cold salty margaritas. ~Delicious~ Oh I am sooo bad. I will workout extra hard, I actually will probably head out to the gym shortly. See that makes it all ok. (haha)
I really don’t know what I am doing the rest of the day..I SHOULD work, but I don’t exactly feel like it. Feels wrong to work on a Sunday. It should be family time…but my entire family is out of town, they are enjoying the cooler weather in the mountains. Lucky them! I might take a few hours out today and lay in the pool. If I do…I will have my pool cam on. Stop by! HEY..be sure to check out my new video..hot sexy naughty stuff. ENJOY!

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