***Yeah, starting to feel good again***

Good morning! Oh..I am finally feeling better. Wow..this cold  knocked me on my ass! I am never sick and this hit me hard! Everyone around me is sick so I guess I should have known I was going to get it. Oh well…it is looking better every day. Only thing I have left is a cough. I can handle that! I had to get out of the house yesterday and I really think that helped me feel better too! I had an appointment and a few errands to run. I even stopped by Audrey’s shoot. She is super cool..love love love her! I took a photo of her and Buzz and I thought it was cute so I wanted to post it. Two cutie pies! 🙂 The Aziani crew is shooting again today so be sure to stop by to watch the shoot. Today and tomorrow!! Fun times!
Now that I have my energy level back I have soooo much work to do…oh joy! I am hoping to try and get in some exercise too. I haven’t worked out since Thanksgiving and I am going through withdrawal. Wow..never thought I would say that about exercise. haha!

Have an awesome Wednesday everyone..enjoy!

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