Fun Saturday Night!!!

Good afternoon! Wow..I had fun last night!!! I went to a party and didn’t get to sleep until 5:00! I feel asleep at 5:00 and woke back up at 8:00. I stayed the night at a friends house and her cats were walking around my bed talking to me..”meow, meow, meow”…lol! And one of her dogs jumped on the bed with me and wanted me to rub his belly. ha! I felt right at home…except he probably only weighs 5 pounds. My dogs would eat him for a little snack. hehe! He is soooo cute! Animals have always been attracted to me, I guess because they know how much I love them! I had to come home to get some sleep…plus I needed to come home to my doggies, it was their feeding time.  So it is not almost 1:00 and I am barely keeping my eyes open. Three hours of sleep is not enough for this girl. I am going to snuggle up on my couch and take a little snooze. It is a perfect day to lounge..cloudy and in the 50’s. A peaceful Sunday.
Here are a couple pics from last night..hanging with the beautiful Jelena Jensen and gorgeous Chica!!
Hope you are having a great weekend!!!! ENJOY!

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