~A rainy Sunday~

Happy Sunday…are you all enjoying your weekend so far? It is an awesome rainy Sunday morning, the kind of day you just want to stay in bed. I was going to work all day again today, but I need a break!! I just need to take some time off and run a few errands and make a trip to the gym. I had fun last night, I went out to dinner and to a movie after that. Dinner was yummy, but the movie was bad! It is called The day the earth stood still…yuk! Don’t waste your money …it was really bad. I love Keanu Reeves, not necessarily for his acting, but he is yummy to look at! m’m m’m!

Aziani.com is going to be sponsoring a motorcycle! Yeah..it is going to be awesome! We met up with the guys yesterday and finalized everything. I will be sure to show you his bike when it is done. This is what it looks like now. He is awesome, he is fearless and a little crazy. LOL! I will let you know his schedule if you want to go see him. He travels all over the country to compete! Cool stuff!

I hope you all have a great day! I am going to get out and enjoy my Sunday.

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