Christmas Week Has Arrived!!!

Good morning..Happy Monday! I just can’t believe Christmas week has arrived. Wow! Here is a dorky pic of me decorating my tree. Ahhh, love the smell of a real tree. 🙂
I hope you all had a great weekend!! Mine was awesome! I worked a lot, but still had time to play a bit. I went to see the movie Four Christmases last night, it was ok. There were some funny parts, but overall I was let down.

I have a busy day Monday. I have to get some work done, make some calls and out the door for more errand running. I will be doing that the next two days. I have a nail appointment and follow up eye exam too. I love love love my new contacts. Scary how blind I have become, yikes~

Have an awesome Monday…and if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping…you better get going. I am done! I am 100 percent ready 🙂

ENJOY! Kisses…Rach

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