Day: January 2, 2009

**Happy Friday**

Good morning, happy January 2nd! It sure doesn’t feel like Friday..does it? Yesterday felt like a Saturday or Sunday. Everyone was out enjoying the weather. My neighborhood is very quiet and yesterday people were out riding bikes, walking their dogs, was nice to see some humans. lol! I spent some time outside as well. I washed my car, rode my bike and even ran my dogs next to my bike. They loved it. It is going to be another gorgeous day. Did any of you enjoy the football games yesterday? I did! I watched the NE game and was happy to watch them win. I am sure the entire state of NE is is very big in that area.
Today I am off to the gym …I need to start lifting some weights again. All this cardio is ok..but better when mixed with weights. Other than that..a typical work Friday for me.

I hope you will enjoy your day…your weekend!