Day: January 6, 2009

~AVN Online 2009 Calendar~

Hey Hey..good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday! So my day is not going to be as exciting as it was yesterday..but that’s ok I can handle it. I shopped literally all day yesterday and I am happy to say I actually found a ton of good stuff. Fun & very sexy clothes for Vegas and even some “normal clothes” too. Hehe! It was such a fun day!! I also got good news about three of my doggies. They are all in tip-top shape and very healthy! My homemade diet is working! YEAH, all my hard work is paying off. They all have lost weight and the doc said look GREAT! That makes me very happy…because it is so much work feeding four BIG dogs twice a day..all yummy food cooked by ME! Not to mention the cost of the food, yikes! They are worth every penny!

AVN Online has come out with their new 2009 calendar and I am happy to say I am Ms. February 😉 The calendar is filled with gorgeous girls I know you would like!! And all classy, non-nude photos. I am happy with they way it turned out.

Today I am pretty much stuck in my office working. I am having some work done to my house (inside) and the dogs have to stay locked in my office. Good thing I have somewhat of a big office. Four big dogs spread out sleeping takes up a lot of room.

I caught the 4th quarter of the Fiesta Bowl last night ..and WOW ..that was pretty exciting. I love games that go down to the last few minutes. A big congrats to the Texas Longhorns.

Have a fantastic day..enjoy your Tuesday!