Off to the FBR Open today!!! :-)

Good morning, happy Friday!! I have a fun day planned…going to the FBR Open here in Scottsdale.  I am meeting up with my family, there are all HUGE golf lovers. It is going to be a nice day, in the 70’s and sunny. A perfect day to walk the course. I find it very peaceful and relaxing on the course, I am sure today will be a bit crazy with all the people. Still FUN! After that I am meeting up with some friends for Friday night cocktails. I heard one of the bars in the tournament gets pretty crazy and is a lot of fun. Woohoo!

I had a great day yesterday!! Everything worked out perfectly. I even shot some pics on the Aziani motorcycle..ha, can’t say I have ever had a motorcycle in my house. LOL! It was actually my studio house …BOY if those walls could talk! They have seen it all! I took a photo with Jeremy and Lin. Lin is the crazy stunt rider. He is super awesome! He is so talented and so super sweet. Don’t let the tats fool you. hehe!  I think I might head to Aruba in April to see him compete. That would be sooo much fun!  Jeremy is Buzz’s PA, he is wonderful too. He is the guy you see moving around lights when we shoot. Nice guys! 🙂 And I love nice guys!
I also took a few behind the scenes silly photos of Eric doing my hair and makeup. He rocks!! I shot some behind the scenes video yesterday as well. My members have been asking for more of that..sooo coming soon!! Well I need to get moving now. Have a fantastic Friday everyone..enjoy!


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