OUCH, that hurt!

Happy Monday everyone!! Did you have a nice weekend?? Wow..I really had a nice 3 days off. It was like a mini vacation..very nice! NOW..back to work!

So what are your thoughts on the SuperBowl? I really enjoyed the game, it was exciting!! Football should be like that. YES I am totally bummed we lost. 🙁 However I have to say I am still proud of the Cardinals. I think they played great and I am happy that they made it that far. Can’t complain about that. A big cheers to the Steelers, they are a great team! In the end..the best team wins. right? I still had a really fun time at the bar. We ate lots of greasy bar food and enjoyed a few cocktails (including Patron shots)..we yelled a lot too! ha! Here are a few pics of Hot Stuff Chica and I. We both love Larry Fitzgerald. (see Jerseys) He rocks!! The Cardinals picked up a lot of new fans this year..can’t wait for next year! Way to go guys, what a great SuperBowl. I live close to one of the biggest Steeler bars in the country!! They had 4000 people show up last night for the game! WOW! The traffic was insane on the way home, but it was luckily going the opposite direction. Lots of happy Pittsburgh fans partying it up last night. It is a cool restaurant/bar…I go there all the time. Any ways…it is over and I am proud of the Red Birds!

I have to work super hard this week, yikes..I have so much to do. Working hard allows me to play hard! Love it! Have an awesome Monday everyone! ENJOY!

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