~~New Aziani Motorcycle Photos~~

***Happy Hump Day*** I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday so far. My day is flying by…which I guess they usually do. I am a busy little bee again today.

I just added my new photos!! I was excited to finally get the opportunity to shoot with the Aziani sponsored motorcycle. It is so cool..I love it. I also had the chance to shoot in our new Aziani clothes that were especially designed for the stunt events. Lots of sexy clothes ..and guys clothing too! I like the white tank and little undies. So hot! Oh..not to mention my monster boots. ha! We are currently working on the store to sell the clothes, should be done SOON! 🙂 I hope you will like the pics! I had so much fun shooting this particular set. A big thanks to “Lin” for bringing his bike over!! He has on the Aziani hat and guys shirt. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!! Back to work for me!

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