Fellow Animal lovers = Good people!!!

Good morning, Happy Sunday! Brrrr, it is cold here today. Rainy and only 45 degrees!! It rained the entire night which made for some awesome sleeping weather! I opened my window and listened to the rain fall..I find that very peaceful. I heard the coyotes howling away last night, I hear them many times a night. They sound so cool. I snuggled up with 3 pillows and 2 comforters and only 1 dog. LOL! Only one of my dogs sleeps on my bed with me, the others are WAY too big. Trust me..they have tried and even my King size bed is not big enough. So like a good mom I bought them all their own doggie beds and they like that. 🙂

I want to tell you about some new friends that I have made over the past few weeks. Wow…amazing how much we have in common. Her and her husband are huge animal lovers which is always a big bonus with me..but we have lots of little things in common too. She even has the monkey rocker ..hehe! They rescue animals in Spain where they tell me animals are treated very poorly. Their email brought a tear to my eye. I was sad, but also very happy to know they are helping the animals in need. If you know me…you know that my lifetime goal is to run my own animal shelter some day. Her and her husband sent me an email a few weeks ago…and yes we do seem to have a connection. YES I believe in that “stuff!!” She wrote some nice things about me in her blog..check it out.   http://www.inbedwithtrinity.com/?p=201&lan=english
Be sure to also check out her site and blog as well. http://www.inbedwithtrinity.com/
She has a fetish site, very sexy! Here are a few photos of them and their babies!! Way to go! Keep up the good work! And hey..you never know maybe I will visit Spain someday! 🙂

As for my Sunday..I will be working most of the day. I know..boring!! I am shooting two days this week so I am going to hit the mall later tonight to find some new sexy clothes! I will be sitting here in my robe, pj’s and slippers most of the day watching the rain out my office window. Say HI if you have time, send me an email. 🙂

ENJOY your Sunday!

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