~Obsessed With Animal Print~ LOL

Hey Hey..good morning all you awesome people! I feel soooo good today. I have slept really really great the past few nights …loving that. People are struggling with some bad allergies here lately..and I am lucky so far. This is the time of the year they usually kick my ass..so far/so good!! 🙂
I surfed around last night on my laptop while watching bad TV…I found some new yummy healthy recipes that I want to try. I am making some beef broccoli stir fry tonight. I can’t believe I would ever enjoy cooking! Wow..things really do change! 🙂

I am going to be making some new and exciting changes to my site SOON so I have been going through everything…it seems like I wear a lot of animal print. LOL!  Kind of funny..shoes, hats, clothes…I am drawn to them. haha And these are only I few that I found. I am trying to add more color into my life..hehe, I really am!!

I am leaving this afternoon for my hair appointment that is loooong overdue. Yikes, nasty dark roots. Ugh! I need to schedule some girly girl time for myself. I need my nails done and also a pedicure..i was even thinking a facial. Noooo perverts, not that kind of facial. lol! Although I do enjoy those as well. *wink* Have an awesome day..I am off to work.


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