Hey …good morning!!! Wow..Thursday is here already! Yeah!!!!! I am leaving shortly to the airport to pick up my friend that is flying in from Canada. The convention starts today…should be a lot of FUN! And the weather is perfect!! I will be pretty busy the next few days, but I will be sure to stop by and say HI! My day just isn’t the same without chatting with you all. 🙂

A member wanted me to post the shoes I bought the other day…so here you go “JT”..I hope you like them. 🙂 I think he has a LITTLE foot fetish..hehe! That’s ok with me, feet need to be pampered and taken care of. I am up for a foot massage anytime! I think I like the red shoes the best, I find them to be the sexiest. Although the black ones are pretty hot too. They are actually more comfortable. Who am I kidding..high heels are not that comfortable ever. BUT they look so amazing on…they round out our butts and show off our legs. SEXXXY~~

I hope you have a great day…..I will be in touch! 🙂


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