~All refreshed and ready for a new week ahead~

Ahhhh, I feel good today. I caught up on a bunch of work yesterday, made a nice yummy dinner and crashed early. I once again slept a lot of hours…and feel refreshed and energized. I love to sleep! ha! I do! Ask anyone that knows me..I am usually always the first to go to bed..lol! Party pooper! Sleep is important to stay healthy!!

The convention was at a resort that was “pet friendly”…so of course I had to go visit all the doggies that were there. It really made me miss my dogs! Isn’t this dog adorable?? OMG! I have all big dogs so holding the little ones is always fun. I love them all! 🙂

It is super windy here today..uh oh…not good for allergies. I have been lucky so far. (knock on wood) 🙂
I will be around today working if you want to stop by my office cam and say HI!

I hope you have a Magnificiant Monday!!!! Enjoy~

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