My New Sybian Video Is Live!

Good morning! I just added my new sybian video..that machine is crazy. Crazy in a good way! I can’t get enough of it! M’m M’m…I just love the way it vibrates my hard clit and rotates inside of me. NICE~
I hope you will enjoy the video!!

Another busy day for me. I am off to the gym for a little cardio workout..then I have to run some errands. I have an appointment that I must go to..even though I don’t want to. I must follow through with my commitments. 🙂 I need to run into the store and pick up a new blender. I was making a fruit smoothie yesterday and it just stopped working on me. It is old…so probably time for a new one. I also need to buy a wok! I used to have one, but hmmm it just disappeared. Funny how that happens. I went looking for it last night..I was going to try and new recipe and couldn’t find it. I gave a huge box to charity not that long ago. Lots of kitchen stuff…glasses, silverware, dishes..etc… I think it was in that box. Oh well…hopefully someone is getting good use out of it. 🙂

Pretty exciting day..haha! It is going to be 89 today!!! Perfect day for some cute little shorts and tank top. Since I have been on my health kick I have lost a few pounds and can get into some old clothes. Wow….it is like having a new wardrobe again. No shopping for me. I am happy happy happy about that! Just in time for SUMMER…sexy bikinis and mini skirts!

Have an awesome day! ENJOY!

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