“Silly pups!”

Hey Hey! Happy Saturday everyone!! I am really trying hard to get some work done today, but I have two dogs that will not leave me alone. I think they want me to take the day off to play with them..maybe snuggle on the couch? I don’t know..they are acting weird. I mean look at them! I can’t help but laugh ..they are under my desk ..jumping on my lap. Talk about distracting! Hmm, maybe they are trying to tell me something. Crazy dogs…..

I don’t have anything planned today..I think I will work all day today and tomorrow. I want to take Monday off and also Wednesday…so work this weekend so I can take off during the week. Sounds like a plan to me. It is cloudy and only in the 70’s today..nice! I love having my windows open.

I hope you all have a great weekend!! I am going to go play fetch with my dogs now..throw the ball around the backyard …maybe they will take a nap after that. 🙂 Good plan!

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