~Off to shoot new hottie for AzianiXposed~

Good morning!! I slept great last night, had a hot cup of tea before bed. I can’t believe how relaxed it makes me feel. I honestly don’t like the taste of tea..hot or cold. I never drink cold tea..yuk, tastes like dirty water to me. LOL! I would like it more with sugar..but I don’t EVER add sugar to my food..real or fake. Sooo therefore, I suffer through it because I know it is good for me….especially green tea. 🙂
I am off to today to have lots of fun shooting for AzianiXposed..woohoo! I met a new girlfriend recently, she just moved here a few months ago from the East coast..she has a cute accent. She is adorable and I know we will have lots of fun this afternoon. You guys will like her! We are meeting for lunch and will probably go bowling. It is HOT here…106 today so I thought staying indoors was a good idea. 🙂
I hope you have a great day!!! Enjoy your hump hump hump day!

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