~~~~~DIRTY FEET~~~~~

Happy Hump Day!!!!! I was up at 6:00 this morning..wow, I slept sooooo awesome!! Didn’t wake up the entire night…love when that happens. 🙂

Ok..so I ran across this site the other day and had to share. I know some of you will say “OMG, that is gross” and some of your cocks will be getting hard! ha! I am right, huh? To each their own!! It caught my attention because I know so many guys that love love love feet! (you know who you are) ~wink~  I went to a foot party a few years ago and learned all about this fetish. Some say..the dirtier the better! I enjoyed having my feet played with ..rubbed & massaged..it felt really good. And the guys were so nice…some super cute boys too!! If you are into this..check out this site.


Work work work…another accomplishing day ahead. ENJOY YOUR HUMP DAY!

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