Enjoy your Thursday everyone!!! :)

Good morning!!! I hope you are enjoying your day so far! I am sipping my coffee and just planning a big work day ahead. Nothing on my schedule today and I like that! 🙂 Buzz got home yesterday so we went out last night…tried a new Mexican restaurant close to my house. A taco and margarita later, I was full! I made sure to not overeat so I could have some sexy time! hehe! “TFTF” is never a good thing. (too full to fuck) LOL! I woke up at 4:30 in the morning next to a hard cock…wanting even more love. 🙂  I would never turn that down. So needless to say, I am very happy girl this morning. And sorry I didn’t get any pics of that. HOWEVER I do have some very naughty shoots with Buzz coming up real soon…I think you will like! 😉

Look at these tomatoes! OMG, I am a huge tomato lover! I love them raw, cooked…I love anything to do with tomatoes…soup, juice…etc… Put a little sea salt on them ..and yummy! I know it doesn’t take much to excite me, BUT Arizona does not have good ones. Growing up in the Midwest and having my own garden was so nice. I do miss that. Buzz surprised me with a big box full. 🙂  I might have to whip up a BLT for dinner. 🙂

Ok..enough food talk for now. hehe! I hope you all have a fun and fantastic day! ENJOY~~~~~

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