Keep your furry friends healthy!!

Happy Saturday everyone!!! Yippee..the weekend is here! I had a busy week so it is time to unwind a bit. I am off to have a massage this afternoon and no real plans after that. I need to get in my cardio for the day and I think I might make chicken kabobs for dinner. The weather is great so it would be a great night to cookout and chill on the patio.

Every time I exercise on my treadmill one of my dogs jumps on it when I am done. I give him 5-10 minutes at a time. He loves it! The other dogs are scared of it. I will have to make a video to show you all. It is hilarious..I say the word “run”..and he takes off to the workout room and stands there until I turn it on. ha, it is really cute! Now that the weather is cooling, I can start walking them again.

I am working on my new photo update today …it should be up soon!!

Have a great day everyone!! 🙂 ENJOY your Saturday!


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