Day: December 5, 2009

Updated my new fun and super sexy video!!!

Hey everyone..happy Saturday!! 🙂 I am feeling back to my “oh so normal self” today. lol! Whatever that means! I am feeling good..whatever I had yesterday is gone. Woohoo! I am ready for a fun day. I do have to work a bit, clean my house, do my laundry and workout..but tonight I invited friends over for a cookout. I need to get some propane today and make sure the heaters are working. It is chilly!! Us desert rats are cold! I like it though! It really puts me in the holiday spirit! I am hoping to get my tree tomorrow and get out all my decorations out of the attic.

I added my new video this morning!!! It really turned me on masturbating in public..I had to be super careful which made it even more exciting. I hope you enjoy it!!!

Ok..I am off now to start my chores. Have a great Saturday!