~In The Holiday Spirit~

Good morning all you awesome people!! I hope your weekend was great!!! 🙂 It is a cold and rainy morning, which I happen to like!! Change is good in my opinion. 😉 We are expecting a big winter storm to hit Northern Arizona, the mountains are ready for lots of snow! It did snow at my house a little bit last year, it was cool. It really puts me in the holiday spirit!! I did some decorating last night, put up my table tree (see pic)…it brings a lot of warmth and happiness to my living room. I will get my real tree this week! 🙂

I have a pretty busy week…except today, my schedule is pretty open. I thought about maybe starting my Christmas shopping..maybe! See how things go this morning. I love shopping on rainy days, but I love shopping any day! ha
I hope you all have a magnificent Monday!! Oh….and GO CARDINALS! What a game last night. Woohoo!


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