Day: December 22, 2009

Having fun in Colorado!!

Hey Hey!! I am having a lot of fun in CO! 🙂 Yesterday I skied all day and was so tired by the end of the day. The weather was great! My fear was it was going to be too cold, but it wasn’t…I was actually warm. And that is nice for a desert rat. lol! Today I rented a, that was super cool! The views were beautiful! Today was a bit colder, but I was pretty bundled up..see pic. hehe 🙂 I am now ready to go meet my sexxxxy girlfriend Naughty Allie for dinner. Can’t wait to see her!!

Tomorrow I am going skiing again. I did pretty good the first day, so I am ready to kick some ass this time. 😉

It is supposed to snow tomorrow would awesome to ski in fresh snow. However a big storm is coming so that might be interesting. Hmmmmm~
I hope you enjoyed your weekend and had a nice Monday!!