ENJOY your hump day!!

Happy Hump Day!! A cool brisk morning today..I love that. 🙂 I am sitting here looking at my schedule for the day and it is pretty open..except I have to take one of my dogs to the vet for blood work. He has to have some dental work done next week and since he is 11 years old they have to make sure he is healthy enough to put under anesthesia. Best to be safe! I of course need to workout..as always. ~ugh~ Some days I just don’t feel like going..it’s a good thing I have an awesome partner that keeps me motivated. 🙂

I was invited out to dinner tonight..a friend is in town and wants to treat me to a fancy steak dinner. I don’t think I can pass that up. 🙂

I was worried yesterday that I would not get all my “errands” done..but I ran through them so fast!! I even had time to stop for dinner out..I enjoyed a margarita and tacos. Yum! Even squeezed in a walk with my dogs. A very accomplishing and great Tuesday. Yayyy!

I hope you all enjoy your Wednesday!! Have fun!!


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