Pics from Saturday!!

Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday!! Hopefully your day is going great so far! 🙂 I am a little sleepy today, but will wake up as I sip my coffee. It is another awesome day in the desert…89 and sunny. My Tuesday is going to be a normal work day for me..of course I have to work out. Friday I will be in my bikini on the lake. Yayy! I am worried my 2 bikinis that I ordered are not going to be here in time. So much for positive thinking. lol! Oh well, I have others I can wear. Yesterday at the gym I saw Dennis Farina. I didn’t even recognize him and he was right next to me. The gym was packed like always on Monday. I just watched the movie “What happens in Vegas” over the weekend so it was kind of funny to see him. It’s not like a lot of celebrities work out in my gym. ha!

Here are a few photos from my pool cam show this past Saturday. It was great, thanks again guys!! Chica came over and we had a really fun day together!

Have a wonderful day..ENJOY!

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