Things are heating up up up!

Good morning!! I was a busy bee catching up on work yesterday…that is what happens when I go out of town. Always come back to a lot of work to do. Everything is back in order and today I am happy to say I have no plans or appointments. Yay! I like when I wake up to an empty calendar for the day. 😉 I am going to finish up my work and hit the gym…maybe try a new recipe for dinner tonight. Hmm! Tomorrow I am off to play on my quad up in the mountains. It is going to be great and a lot cooler ! The desert is warming up..100 degrees today and going to get even hotter for the weekend. Summer is here!

Here are a few pics from the lake. I will post more when I get them. Fun times!!!!

Have a great day everyone..enjoy your Thursday!

Cheers!! The strongest drink I have ever had! WOW!!!

Big beads for big boobs! ha

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