~~New Aziani Hottie~~

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you are enjoying your day so far! 🙂 I feel great, happy and strong again. Slept so awesome last night…ahhhh~ Love that! I have a busy day of work, but I also need to head out for a little shopping. I need to pick up some goodies for my house, nothing too exciting. Well unless you find sheets exciting. lol! I suppose they can be. 😉 I am also going to have an hour massage…and maybe get into the nail salon if I have time.

A new hottie was added to Aziani...her name is Madison Scott. She is so petite and cute. Isn’t she? I think she looks so adorable in her sexy Aziani tank and panties. 😉 I had an email recently from someone that wanted us to start shooting some of our beautiful girls in sunglasses. I never really heard of this fetish, but there must be. I love sunglasses, I have at least 10 pair. (sunglasses, shoes and purses..love them) We all have our “things” that we like. I want to thank Dan for the sunglasses he sent me, that was a nice surprise! I like them, they are totally different than any other pair I have. Thanks so much! I thought he would like the pic of Madison Scott sporting her shades as well.

If you want to see more of Ms Scott, click here


Have a fabulous day everyone!! I am hoping for some rain…do I really need to do a rain dance? Or perhaps just wash my car? Haha, that does the trick every time.

ENJOY your day!

Thanks Dan for the sunglasses!!

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