Yay..the weekend is here!!!! ;)

HAPPY SATURDAY!! I went to bed late last night, but couldn’t sleep in. No matter what time I go to bed..I always wake up early. ~ugh~ Oh well..if I get tired, I will snuggle up and take a little cat nap. I am going to try for a nice relaxing day…no cleaning or laundry. I am going to wait and do it tomorrow. Uh oh..I am changing my routine. That’s not like me. ha! I am such a creature of habit, but change is good. Right? 🙂

I had so much fun with my friends last night. I ate way too much ..but still had fun! hehe! I had shrimp, 2 martinis and creme brulee for dessert. OMG..it was the best I ever had! Yummmm! I love Mastros!! I was going to have steak, but it is Buzz’s birthday is on Monday and we are going to Flemings for steak..so I went with the shrimp. Looks like I need to hit the cardio machines extra hard today and tomorrow.

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday!! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


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