November 2nd…be sure to vote today!

Good morning! Voting day has arrived!! Be sure to get out there and cast your vote!! I read all the Arizona props in detail and have made my decisions. Some of them were a little confusing… but Buzz “my political analyst” helped explain them to me. hehe! He loves to talk politics!!

I had a wonderful 13th Year Anniversary!! We went out to dinner at a restaurant called Flemings. I had a steak, potato, salad and wine. One of my favorite meals ever! It was so yum! We also went to see the movie Wall Street. It was good, but the first one was a lot better. We had a very romantic and sexy night together. 😉

Today I am swamped! My to-do list is huge! I woke up with a toothache so I think I need to schedule a dentist appointment soon. I dread going to the dentist!! YUK!!! Oh well…at least my dentist is cute, that helps a little bit. lol!

Have a fantastic day everyone!! ENJOY!

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