A busy hump day!!

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying your hump day!! 🙂 I had a doc appointment this morning, stopped for lunch and just got home. Now time to get some work done…even though I don’t feel like working today. It is such a beautiful day..warm and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky!! My tooth is feeling better, I am using some home remedies that are amazing! I find that putting a little vanilla extract on the tooth that hurts takes the pain away for hours!! You know what else works? Onion!! Doesn’t quite smell as good as the vanilla extract, but it does work. I can’t get into the dentist until next week. Bummer!

Here are a few pics from yesterday…hehe! I found that the voting stickers worked well as pasties. lol! Well they could have been a bit bigger! Story of my life! ha!! 😉

I am off now, I have lots to do. Create a great day everyone!


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