Some snow in the desert!! Brrrrrrrrrrr

Happy New Years Eve!!! The last day of 2010 has arrived! I am ready for a great 2011!! How about you? I hope you enjoy bringing in the new year..if you are partying it up..or relaxing at home. 🙂 Have fun and be safe!!

We are having some crazy weather in Arizona. Lots of snow in the mountains, lots of accidents and road closures!! And it even snowed at my house yesterday. I remember the last time it snowed was in 2007…it is so pretty as it dusts the cactus and palm trees. 🙂 Of course it didn’t last long, but was cool while it lasted. It is really cold..Brrrr!!! It is only 31 degrees this morning. Very unusual weather, but it is ok with me. I like change. 🙂 Definitely feels like the holiday season is here! 🙂

I am wishing you all the BEST 2011!!!! ~Cheers~ 😉


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