Day: February 3, 2011

The sun is out, but it is cold!

Good morning!!! Brrrr another cold least cold for the desert. It kind of sucks! I don’t like it. My hummingbird feeders and bird bath are frozen..ugh! However it is supposed to warm up in the next few days. 🙂 ~Yay~

Went out with my girlfriend Chica yesterday for a late lunch/early dinner. It was fun! The restaurant lost their power for about an hour. It happened right when it started to get dark outside..uh oh! It was packed full of people enjoying happy hour. They lit a bunch of candles and gave out free sushi rolls and drinks. Pretty cool of them!! They have the best food..I was craving the Las Vegas rolls. Yumm!! Looks like my cheat day is over until the Superbowl. lol! I have been busting my ass at the gym so allowing some bad food is ok. 🙂

Off to work now!! Have a great day!!