Day: February 6, 2011

~New Sexy Video~

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!! 🙂 It should be a really good game considering both teams are great!!! I am going to a Packers bar to cheer them on. Yay! There is a Steelers bar not far from my house that will be insane! I am talking thousands of fans! They have a huge parking lot and they put up tents and TV’s…it gets nuts! You would almost thing you were in Pittsburgh! ha! At least the weather is going to be nice finally!! I heard low 70’s..awesome! 🙂 I have to get some work done and workout today before I can go party it up. I won’t feel so guilty that way. I hope you all enjoy your or not.

I had a pretty busy day yesterday..I worked all day since I took off Friday. I had a bbq last night with some delicious healthy food and a glass of wine. I watched a movie and crashed early..needless to say I am ready to go today. ~Woohoo~

My new video went up yesterday! Be sure to check it out..I hope you like it! Muah 😉 😉

Lots to do before the big game …bye!!! ENJOY your Sunday!!!