Have A Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

Good morning..wow, I have been sleeping sooooo good lately! It’s kind of funny because all my doggies are sleeping good too, must be something in the air. I snapped a few pics of Tony..omg, look at how he sleeps. He is so adorable!!! In one photo he is actually sleeping with his mouth open. Silly dog! Two of my dogs got groomed yesterday, they look so pretty and smell so good. I groom the other two dogs myself…don’t think she could handle those guys. Needless to say with so much good sleep happening over here, I feel fabulous! 😉 It was a nice rainy day yesterday, but the sun is out full force today. I have to leave soon for a doc appointment ..after that I am taking my dogs for a walk. It is so beautiful outside…what a great way to start the morning. I will be back to work the rest of the day. Been working out at the gym really hard lately… my body needs a break today. It’s going to be a great day! I hope you all create a great one too!!


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