~Fun Times~

Good morning!! Happy Sunday, I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. I feel great today! I didn’t drink much yesterday because I just can’t do the hangover thing anymore..just kills an entire day…what a waste of life. Ya know? Such poison and so unhealthy!! Drinking out in the sun is a little dangerous..it can creep on you. It is hot hot hot here in the desert! We had a really fun time boating, we ate at a new restaurant on the lake and it was yum! It was packed, I felt like I was in Lake Havasu! They had an awesome band too!! It was one big party! 🙂

Today I am off to run a few morning errands and then come home to paint my living room walls. I am going to venetian plaster them..doesn’t seem too hard, just lots of steps. I won’t be spending any time outside today…I got pretty tan yesterday except my shoulders got burned. I put sunscreen on all day and it just didn’t work too well. Hmm, might need more SPF.

I wish you all a happy Sunday..go enjoy!!! 🙂 Kisses,

Hanging with my baby doll!!

A little singing and dancing!!

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