Day: August 14, 2011


Good morning all you awesome peeps! I had a scare this morning! I woke up and found a Scorpion in my bathroom, Yikes!! Of course I screamed like a little girl. lol! I know this is Arizona and the desert has lots of them, but I have only seen 1 other Scorpion in my house. I see them in the garage sometimes, but they have all been dead. I have my house sprayed every other month so needless to say it was a bit shocking. A great way to wake up. HA! I have always had a no kill policy in my house, I refuse to kill anything except for today. I have been stung by one before and it’s not pretty. It hurts like hell! I got stung on my foot and my entire leg was swollen and the pain was unbelievable!  I worry about them stinging my dogs, that would be even worse so the little critter had to die. Maybe he will survive the toilet flush..maybe not?? Of course I took a pic to show you. Me and my camera are rarely apart. hehe! 😉

Went out with friends last night to a new sports bar, it was a pretty cool place. Had lots of fun! And I did behave myself, no hangover today. 🙂 🙂  Yay! Good thing because I have lots of chores to do around my house today, I didn’t get them all done yesterday. I am also going to go workout this afternoon …then unwind in front of the TV tonight. I love Sunday nights.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far!!