Day: August 15, 2011

~Scheduling & Organizing~

Hey Hey everyone..aren’t you just thrilled Monday has arrived? Ha! Kidding of course! I hope your weekend was all you wanted it to be. 🙂 Mine was nice..I can’t complain! I worked a lot, but did find time to have some fun and relax too. I did get my next two trips finalized. Yay! I am going to Vegas with my parents in Sept and then straight to Wyoming. It is like an 11 hour drive to Jackson Hole..and then off to Yellowstone after that. I can’t wait! It is going to be so beautiful and peaceful. I am planning lots of time outside..hiking and biking for sure. Well as long as the weather is nice. Could be a little chilly in Sept..but will feel like heaven compared to Arizona. 🙂 A few more months of these hot temps and it will be gorgeous again until next June.

I also planned 2 more shoots…I love being organized and scheduled ahead. NOW I just need to schedule my next cam show. Will let you know about that soon. K?

Here are a few more updates that are coming your way.

Create a great day!!