Day: August 16, 2011

A snake in my house? REALLY?? Come on!

Good morning!! 🙂 Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope your day will be great! Ok, I am kind of getting tired of these critters getting into my house. Wtf? I have my house sprayed every other month and it is sealed too. Sooo why am I getting scorpions and snakes? The scorpion thing is very common here in AZ, especially if you live close to the mountains..BUT a snake? Of course I screamed like a little girl again. Sound familiar..haha! Needless to say I was shocked and still am very confused how he got into my house. He/She was very small, a baby for sure! We (Buzz) caught it and we did release it back outside. I figured out it was a King snake, at least I think so. You can’t tell from the pics, it looks brown, but its really black and white. I did my research online because I thought it was a Rattle snake at first. It shook it’s tail, but there was no rattle on it. I guess some snakes do that. I called my pest company and they are coming out to spray again today. Geesh! I like animals, but come on! You probably don’t know that I had a pet snake once. Yep, a Boa Constrictor! I honestly loved that snake. I used to hold it all the time, it would wrap around the back of my neck to stay warm. You might think I am crazy, but this little guy/girl had quite the personality. I never thought so until I had one. My b/f at that time took the snake when we went our separate ways. So it’s not that I don’t like snakes, I just don’t want them in my bathroom. lol! I would have really freaked if it was a Rattle snake. omg! No more please! 🙂

Ok….enough of that! I have a busy work day ahead so I better get moving!! Talk more tomorrow!