Working Hard!

Hi everyone..I hope your Thursday is going good for you!! 🙂 The weekend is almost here!! Been working hard over here..getting lots done with some new changes coming. I did take a little break yesterday afternoon and went to the mall.. after that I enjoyed a few nice cold margaritas. Yum! I did find some awesome clothes!! Fall clothing is out now so summer clothes are on sale. And I love a good sale!! 🙂 It is 110 here so I have a problem buying sweaters right now. Yikes! There is a heat advisory today, it actually might be a record heat day. I will be staying inside except heading down to the gym.  Speaking of the gym..I have been working my ass off! Here are a few pics to share. I don’t wear makeup to the gym so needless to say I know I don’t look so hot. 😉 I am there for one reason and that is to get my body in the best shape possible. So don’t laugh too hard at my expressions. I know I look like a dork. hehe! 🙂 🙂

Back to work..enjoy your day!!


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