~Animal Rescue~

Hey everyone..I hope your day is going great so far! Mine is flying by! I am so busy and can’t believe the morning is already gone. Don’t you just love Mondays? haha! 😉 At least this week is not as busy as last. Whew!

I did enjoy a few minutes sitting outside on my patio..sipping my coffee watching my dogs run around like silly. The mornings and evenings are definitely cooling down which is a great sign! Woohoo, cooler weather is on the way.

I stopped by the Sacred Grounds Rescue Ranch a couple weeks ago on my way to Las Vegas. It is in Wikieup Arizona which is only a few hour drive for me. I have been talking to the founder for a few years and I finally got the chance to meet him! He is a very sweet man ..with a huge heart!! Anyone that saves abused and neglected animals is special to me. He told me some very sad stories about how people beat and even starve their horses, it just broke my heart. I will never understand how cruel people can be to such innocent animals. He has a few other animals too.. not just horses. I have to admit I have always been a little afraid of horses..but I am going back again to ride one. Yay! 🙂 I fell in love with the goats, omg..they are just the cutest.  AND so sweet! I enjoyed petting them, one of them tried to eat my pearl bracelet. lol! Next time I will bring them some carrots. Check out his website if you have a chance…


I am talking to him about donations and also sponsoring an animal or two! Cheers to the awesome people in this world that make a difference!

Here are a few pics I took. As you can see the goats were my favorite. 😉

Hope your Monday is rocking!


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