Monday already?

Good morning!! The weekends go too fast, don’t they? Happy Monday to you.. I hope you have a great week ahead!! I just can’t believe January is almost! Time flies when you are having fun! 🙂 🙂 I enjoyed my weekend a lot! I needed to take some time on Saturday and relax..recharge my battery! AND I did just that! Yesterday I went to the horse track with my parents. That was FUN! I won an entire $8.00. lol! I hit a quinella and that was all it paid. They were both favorites so the payout kind of sucked. No long shots came in the entire day which I was kind of bummed about. I always like when that happens..and of course they pay good too! 😉 We sat in the clubhouse and enjoyed some mimosas..then I ate a monster cheeseburger for lunch. Ohhh I consumed too many calories yesterday. I will be hitting the gym extra hard today!! Our weather right now is just perfect..I need to get out and do some hiking and/or biking. I better enjoy it before the scorching summer temps hits. Although I plan on traveling a lot this summer in our Motor home. I wanted a cabin in the mountains and somehow I ended up with a house on wheels! Ha!

I am off now, I have such a huge busy day! I don’t even know where to start???? I wish you all a happy happy Monday! Enjoy!

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