Back From Sedona!!

Good morning!!! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your weekend!! My plans changed at the last minute… I was supposed to fly to Las Vegas to meet Buzz on Friday. He was driving in from his California shoot. He had another model scheduled in Vegas, but she missed her connecting flight because her original flight was late. Ugh! It was not her fault, but it messed up the entire schedule with the makeup artist..hotel..etc.. She was flying to Vegas for a bodybuilding show so at least it worked out ok for everyone. I decided to reschedule my plane ticket and go maybe next month?

Buzz and I decided since we already planned the weekend away and my parents were watching my dogs we might as well go someplace else. So that is what we did! 🙂 We headed up to Sedona for the weekend and stayed in a B&B! It was wonderful! I have never stayed at a bed and breakfast before..I loved it!!!! It was so cozy and very romantic!! We went hiking, 4 wheeling, shopping, ate at some delicious restaurants and even found some wineries! I had no idea Sedona had wineries! We went to 3 different ones..the last one was the best so we bought a bottle of wine, ordered some bruschetta and had a picnic by the creek. AWESOME!! The weather was warm, but nothing like the desert. It was in the 90’s and a little humid, it did rain on Saturday afternoon a bit which was nice!! We sat in the park, in the rain…fed the ducks and had a few cocktails. This particular B&B had it’s own park so it was quiet and peaceful. It was one of the best weekends ever! I am glad the Vegas trip didn’t work out. Things always happen for a reason, don’t they? 🙂

We got home yesterday and immediately took the dogs swimming until a storm hit ..lots of rain, thunder and lightning. Actually two storms hit yesterday a few hours apart. After the second one we made some steaks and baked potatoes on the grill. Yum!! I snuggled up on the couch to watch True Blood and fell asleep. Oops! Guess I will have to watch it today. A great weekend for sure!! Now I am ready for a full week of work work work!!

Here are some pics I took in Sedona. It is such a beautiful area!! If you ever visit AZ, you must visit Sedona!!

Have a great day!

Beautiful Red Rocks!

Enchantment Resort!

View from my balcony!

Feeding the ducks!

Lots Of Grapes!

Picnic At The Winery!

Playing In The Rain!


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