*New Sybian Video*

Good morning!! I just whipped up a huge breakfast..turkey bacon, eggs, toast and fresh squeezed orange juice! I usually always eat oatmeal and that gets boring so I thought I would change things up a bit and have a nice Sunday breaky. Are you having a wonderful weekend so far? I hope so!! I am! I started my weekend fun at Chica’s house on Friday. She had us over for a cookout and to swim, it didn’t rain a drop. It was pretty humid so the water felt awesome! She made her famous beef teriyaki ..it is the best I have ever had. Yum! It was really fun!

We enjoyed playing with their doggies, she recently adopted a new one so we got to know her a bit more..she is adorable!

Yesterday I went shopping at the mall and went to Costco. I had a great time shopping at the mall, but Costco was another story! I swear it felt like the holiday season was here, the crowd at Costco was unbelievable! I guess I picked a bad time to go! Oh well, I made it out in one piece. lol! I was on a mission to find a purse and I finally found the perfect one. Last night I met up with Jewels Jade for dinner, we went to my friends restaurant, it was delicious!

My house is clean, my laundry is done and all errands are ran so I am taking the day off to spend in the pool! 🙂 🙂 Yay! And of course True Blood is on tonight…double Yay!

My new Sybian video is now live in my members area..hope you enjoy it! Thank you Amy for the sexy body stocking!!

I want to wish you all a fantastic Sunday..whatever you do, make it the best it can be!!




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